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Ciputra International

The Concept Ciputra International

The Concept

The Concept

The Concept

More Than Philosophy
RANGOON CREEPER are undeniably have been the symbol of evolving, a planned growth, a mark of victory. These symbolic meaning is supported by the physical stature of the leaves, which is conditioned to adapt with strong winds and the weathers.

More Than Masterpiece
The grand design of this masterpiece is to promote clarity and elegance with ease of connectivity to each tower and also to the roadways. It is to live in a highly integrated mixed-use development with modern and luxurious structure designed exclusively to boost comfort and well-being.

More Than A High Accessibility
Faster and easier access. Imagine the perfect access.
Life in the fast, growing urban civilisation requires fast and easy access to anywhere. Time is too precious to get stuck in traffic or detours. Ciputra International guarantees its direct access to Outer Ring Road from and towards the Soekarno Hatta International Airport; access to Inner Ring Road from Kebon Jeruk Toll Gate; access to various public and residential areas, also to industrial areas of Serang, Merak and Banten. Meanwhile, in the future residents will have direct access to TB. Simatupang and Pondok Indah.

More Than Your Daily Lifestyle
Ease of Life
Working is a part of our lifestyle, but it's not supposed to always be full of pressure. There must be a balance between serious and restorative. At Ciputra International, a balance between work and lifestyle is maintained. Life is to be enjoyed and it can be.

More Than Your Prestigious Life
We all deserve a lifestyle of unending joy and happiness. There is an abundance of amenities to spoil oneself as a prestigious life of comforts is created here.

More Than Your Ordinary Home
Ciputra International has created a new definition of home. The residence is surrounded by a modern and luxurious environment, within the same superblock as the office and lifestyle area, enabling families to spend time together more often. Every suite is built with meticulous five-star planning and luxurious execution to keep everyone comfortable.

More Than Your Ordinary Office
This spacious integrated space dedicated to urban professionals will surely bring the working experience to another level. With more efficient time and more professional fresh surroundings, Ciputra International makes work fresher, less stressful, more energetic and allowing more opportunities for new ideas to come out.